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Enter the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter and choose to be a brave Gryffindor, a wise Ravenclaw, a loyal Hufflepuff or a cunning Slytherin! Download pics, vids, tones, themes and fanfiction ebooks and chat with other like-minded Pottheads!

Group Founder: jakimc
Description: Grab ur broomstick n leave the muggle world behind! A place 2 discuss Harry Potter bks/films, the characters/actors, fanfiction, play the forum games, download ebooks, videos, themes, pictures n tones n leave ur mark in the polls! Plenty of links 2 other Harry Potter sites!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 237
Category: Entertaintment & Media > General

Topics (54)

go You write it!!! [32] jakimc
If u had the time, resources n imagination of j.k. rowling (maybe u do lol) wud u write another bk? Wot wud it b - prequel/sequel/sumthin different? How wud ur story go? Wud u bring bk a character or ...

go Two New Harry Potter Books (3) minmei
Do you think the Harry Potter play and the Book of Ghastly Beasts will be made into movies?

go The Sorting Ceremony [145] jakimc
Here u can introduce urself n even sort urself in2 a house if ya want lol

go Too much Harry?!? [54] candyqty
Here is a topic I found on another fansite and its so cute/funny i thought i'd copy it. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR READING TOO MANY HP BOOKS

go HP quiz [261] jakimc
Answer the question n ask 1 - wot is Dumbledores full name?


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Files (62)

1 deathly hollows trailer
2 Ron the sidekick
3 Draco
4 Harry and the pincers
5 Dobby


Links (19)

go G. Norman Lippert's website, author of the James Potter series in pdf format
go - 4 jan :)
go Harry Potter forums - excellent site, 1000s of fans
go Harry Potter top 10[funny]
go Goblet of Fire movie in 15 min


Polls (31)

go How would you like to travel?
go If you could own 1 magical object (not including a wand) what would it be?
go During a Quidditch match you would be...
go Whats your favourite spell?
go Have you ever read any Harry Potter fan fiction?