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Subject: In the hotseat... CANDYQTY!
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jakimc 15.05.10 - 10:59pm
Ok, as discussed in Members Chat this topic is just 4 fun n 2 help us get 2 no each other a little better! 1 GH member will b put in the hotseat 4 1 month n will answer questions from other members! If u want 2 take part just say so in Members Chat n i will add u 2 the list (1st come 1st served)! The person in the hotseat has the right to refuse 2 answer a question if they want... its up 2 them! 1 question, then 1 answer (which can b as long or short as u want)! The 1st GH star is... JANFER clap.GIF... she will be here until 15th June when the topic title will b changed 2 the nxt persons name! So... 1st question plz... *

jakimc 15.05.10 - 11:00pm
Have u ever had a broken bone? *

jakimc 15.05.10 - 11:45pm
have u got a middle name? *

janfer 16.05.10 - 03:06am
Yes!!! Aymee *

jakimc 16.05.10 - 10:51pm
i like that name smile.GIF... how many languages can u speak? *

janfer 17.05.10 - 12:25pm
two, spanish and english. *

jakimc 17.05.10 - 10:57pm
if u won 1billion on the lottery, wot would u do? *

janfer 17.05.10 - 11:21pm
I keep 4 me just 1 million, the rest is for donations. Buy food, build houses, toys 4 all the childrens in the world. *

jakimc 17.05.10 - 11:25pm
nice happy.GIF... have u ever kissed a girl? *

janfer 18.05.10 - 12:44am
hilarious.GIF ja ja ja ja ja ja lol *

janfer 18.05.10 - 11:42am
not really *

jakimc 18.05.10 - 11:45am
hmm... 'not really'? thats a bit vague jan lol... ok, wot was the last thing u said out loud? *

janfer 18.05.10 - 12:31pm
Lol last night i said something really loud, maybe Oh yeah Francisco, or something like that. I was busy lol lol.GIF *

jakimc 18.05.10 - 12:35pm
hilarious.GIF ur gonna run outta batteries jan rofl.GIF... did u get good qualifications @ skool? *

janfer 18.05.10 - 05:11pm
Oh yes, a, b and sometimes c. *

jakimc 18.05.10 - 10:27pm
how often do u shave/wax ur legs? *

janfer 19.05.10 - 12:08am
once a week. *

jakimc 19.05.10 - 12:00pm
me 2 lol... HEY AM I THE ONLY 1 HERE???... do u have an innie or an outie? *

skanda 19.05.10 - 04:28pm
sorry jaki!!! i really dont know wat to ask!! LOL! *

janfer 20.05.10 - 01:27am
u should try skandy. i wont mind. *

jakimc 20.05.10 - 09:24am
dont 4get my question... do u have an innie or an outie? *

janfer 20.05.10 - 02:33pm
lol jaki, sorry lol, bu i dont understand the ???. my english is not that good. *

jakimc 20.05.10 - 11:49pm
ur english is gr8 jan!!! innie or outie... as in belly b*tton... does it go in or stick out? *

janfer 21.05.10 - 07:09pm
Lol i dont know but lol i have a dirty mind. i never thought lol.GIF im a innie. *

jakimc 21.05.10 - 10:36pm
ah... trust u jan lol.GIF... wots ur 1st EVER memory? *

janfer 22.05.10 - 04:06am
my house, when i was 2 years. I remember everything. *

candyqty 22.05.10 - 07:08am
how well bahaved are your kids? (they look like angels,menos el pequeno,parese rebelde jajaja joke) *

janfer 22.05.10 - 10:45pm
U r 200 % right. The first 1 is the sweetest boy, the girl too. BUT THE BABY OMG!!! HE IS CUTE BUT LOL HE IS TERRIBLE. HE IS A TWISTER IN HUMAN FORM. *

jakimc 22.05.10 - 11:02pm
hahaha i remember that age... tantrums etc lol... what would ur dream holiday b like? *

janfer 23.05.10 - 05:00am
4 me right now is find the way to go to Chicago 4 a week or more. *

jakimc 23.05.10 - 10:55pm
who was ur fave teacher @ skool? *

candyqty 24.05.10 - 04:01am
why chicago? *

candyqty 24.05.10 - 04:08am
I know its 1 question at a time,but i only come online at night so ill just aks some quick ones.ok? I see ur takeing lessons in nail art,tell me more about that. What are your parents like? At what age will u let ur daughter wear makeup? What movie or tv 'family' would best describe your family any one at all. Have you ever experianced anything supernatural ? *

janfer 24.05.10 - 12:22pm
Lol omg amiga, eso es lol acosar. lol.GIF. My fav teacher was Mrs. Robles in 6th grade. *

janfer 24.05.10 - 12:24pm
Chicago, cus i met some1 from there. *

janfer 24.05.10 - 12:27pm
My mom is sweet, she look like an indian. She works a lot, she's addicted to books. My father, well, he is tall, hard working human but nothing in his heart. *

janfer 24.05.10 - 12:29pm
I already buy makeups 4 her. but i think 4 everyday makeup like 12. *

janfer 24.05.10 - 12:35pm
i dont know right now any movie or tv show that describes my fam. maybe mermaids, from cher. loving mother, friend 4 my kids, but i dont like no 1 between my kids and me. 4 relations or love is out. *

janfer 24.05.10 - 12:37pm
and 4 ur last ?,?? i wish i can say no, but i had. yes!!! several times, but i ignore them. i dont wanna be a channel. *

candyqty 25.05.10 - 01:02am
oww.interesting. what kind of student were you? are there any interesting places you have visited? describe your ideal xmas day! who is your best friend and who is your oldest friend? do u play any sports or any interesting hobbies? *

janfer 25.05.10 - 02:33am
I was shy, quiet, but good. *

janfer 25.05.10 - 02:37am
i went 2 el Faro de Arecibo, and u can see pirates guns, ships, etc. *

janfer 25.05.10 - 02:41am
My ideal xmas day is share it with some1. My kids gets their things and play. I just cook and see them play. *

janfer 25.05.10 - 02:49am
My best and oldest friend is the same person. Laychally. We know each other for 23 years, and our friendship have 21 years. *

janfer 25.05.10 - 02:52am
Sports??? no, about hobbies i like to draw, hear music, etc. *

candyqty 25.05.10 - 03:15am
waaaw.ur friendship is as old as i am *

janfer 25.05.10 - 08:01am
gracias por decirme vieja finamente. jajaja *

jakimc 26.05.10 - 03:00pm
ok ok... lets stick to 1 question per post plz lol.GIF thats y i put the person in the hotseat for 1 mnth!!! jan, if u had a time travel machine WHEN would u travel to 1st? *

janfer 27.05.10 - 01:27am
i will go to see Eve and Adam in Eden, to kick their and stick the forbithen fruit in their ass. *

jakimc 27.05.10 - 11:13pm
they would have 2 rewrite history 2 include the fact that the 1st man n woman on earth were walkin round with fruit stuck up their backsides roflmao.GIF... which 4 famous ppl (dead or alive) would u invite 2 ur dinner party? *

candyqty 28.05.10 - 03:49am
Hahaha woowww *

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