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Subject: Member Information
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skanda 18.01.11 - 04:24pm
Hey Guys! This is a topic Where u post your contact information such as your mobile/telephone numbers,postal address etc. If any of u want to keep it private then its upto u. But i'd urge u to post. I dont know if i'm doing the right thing. I'm doing this coz i dont want to feel helpless again abt someone else like how i feel abt our dear jakimc now.......! *

skanda 18.01.11 - 04:29pm
Plz support me if u think i'm right.
Jan, amanda, emmy, akira and others, i look up to u to advise. Plz do.... *

skanda 18.01.11 - 04:55pm
Name : Skanda Kis

Mob No. : +91809964650071

Postal address : 203, block 3, Gaana Regency, Yellachenahalli, kanakpura road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Pin 560078

plz feel free to contact me anytime.... *

skanda 18.01.11 - 05:29pm
Mob no : +919964650071

In the previous post it starts from +9180, i found that 80 can be omitted.... *

emmy2009 18.01.11 - 06:53pm
Name : Emmanuel Ajagun...
Mobile number : +2347067411014...
Email :
Postal : 720 ekpoma *

candyqty 19.01.11 - 12:24am
i support what your saying,like i dont want to lose track of anyone either but even my facebook i dont have personal information so...not really into that idea. but my email :,feel free to add me. or facebook: Amanda Vrolijk twitter: Amanda61689 *

candyqty 19.01.11 - 12:28am
your address is so long skanda..d*mnnn *

skanda 19.01.11 - 06:13am
Thanx a lot for supporting...
@amanda - i know lol:) all thanx to india's population... *

akira12 19.01.11 - 03:37pm
Name: Faheem
Mob no: +6283861978786
Email: *

akira12 19.01.11 - 03:39pm
I support u, well jaki's case is hopeless *

emmy2009 19.01.11 - 06:51pm
We just pray she comes back one day....I wish i know anyone dat knows her *

janfer 20.01.11 - 05:50pm
The last time i chat with her months ago she was busy with his son and her mom i think. Lets wish, pray, ask, to the almighty 4 her. We miss u Jaki.
My email is and im in facebook, Janice A Ferrer. I can inbox the adress and mobile number to u guys but not here. Love u all and waiting for the last part of harry potter. *

rkb_best 21.01.11 - 04:52am
Rakesh Bhalavi
+919039632083 *

skanda 21.01.11 - 04:09pm
Great. Thanx everyone! Waiting for other members to post! *

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