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Subject: The Sorting Ceremony
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jakimc 6.01.09 - 05:42pm
Here u can introduce urself n even sort urself in2 a house if ya want lol *

jakimc 6.01.09 - 05:44pm
ok i'll go 1st - i'm jakimc n i'm gonna b in slytherin - ne thing 2 get a bit closer 2 severus snape daydream.GIF lol *

mercede 6.01.09 - 07:20pm
Hi, im Mercede, my real names Zak and being bold and slightly brash, i'd sort myself into Gryffindor! I dont think id get enough of Fred 'n George, lol! *

emmy2009 7.01.09 - 12:34am
Hi,i'am emmy2009,my real name's is emma,i wud like 2 join d DA and fight against voldemont and his death eaters,i'll sort myself 2 gryffindor and i hope i can be a seeker someday *

chlonely 7.01.09 - 12:33pm
13 years ago...I'm chlonely wood and i'd sort myself 2 Gryffindor, of course, like Oliver Wood. *

b.marvin 8.01.09 - 06:49pm
Hi,am b.marvin i wil go with gryffindor,i wil just love to be with harry and ron all the time *

candyqty 10.01.09 - 05:45am
Im Amanda,wel being a huge Snape fan i'd want 2 be in his house and i like there green color sheme + my chinese sign is snake *

grangers 17.01.09 - 09:39pm
Hi! My name is grangers,well nt my real name.i stand up 4 what is wrong and fight 4 what is! Im kind of a bookworm,so i think i'll better fit griffindore. *

pipwizar 18.01.09 - 01:18am
a site i go 2 u have ur own clubs ect and ia proper sorting hat its gd fun *

pipwizar 18.01.09 - 01:19am
im grifindor 2 *

jb2catz 10.02.09 - 02:50pm
griffyndor for me too! describes me perfectly, and maybe i can see harry in his jammies! lol.GIF *

jakimc 10.02.09 - 02:59pm
oo-er pmpl.GIF *

jakimc 10.02.09 - 04:46pm
hey jenn i no where ya can find a recent pic of dan without his jammies wink.GIF *

jb2catz 10.02.09 - 05:26pm
ooh la la excited.GIF !! tell me tell me tell me!! *

jakimc 10.02.09 - 06:09pm
lmao.GIF il inbox ya :) *

jb2catz 12.02.09 - 11:01pm
DEFINITELY a grffyndor gal! *

skanda 7.03.09 - 05:58am
I'm Skanda, and i think slytherin will suite me coz i'm interested in the DARK ARTS and i can speak parsltongue too....lolz *

candyqty 7.03.09 - 05:34pm
ur into the darkarts??? psycho.GIF haha *

skanda 7.03.09 - 06:51pm
Yup, i had gotten the darkmark etched across my chest when the 7th came, but my mom somehow found out about it and ordered me to take it off.:-(..being from a very traditional, religious family, i'll have to endure all those... *

candyqty 7.03.09 - 06:57pm
oooeee;hah.thats sooo cool. love it. ur gutsy man. crazy, but so COoL *

skanda 7.03.09 - 07:12pm think so!! Ppl is india think i'm out of my mind.....hey wait i'll buddy you, you'l be my 2nd bud if you accept:-)... *

candyqty 7.03.09 - 07:50pm
aw ur such a newbie.OK *

janfer 17.03.09 - 05:46am
I'm Janfer, my real name is Janice, and i love potions and dark arts and most of all my Severus Snapes, so i sort my self in SLYTHERIN. Jakimc, you have to share. *

jakimc 17.03.09 - 07:23am
haha jan hmm dunno bout that lol u can have a shot on my nites off bt my other aka (on a diff site) is SevsHeart lol so i kinda think i own him pmpl.GIF o go on then i'll have a bit of lucius or sirius when snapes away! uh oh off topic lol *

candyqty 17.03.09 - 02:22pm
wow.i dont know if u know..but he's kinda TAKEN.hah.anw,its great 2 see so much dark arts and snape fans.wonderfull!!! *

janfer 17.03.09 - 04:01pm
Imagine us in his potion class. denofgossip.GIF *

skanda 17.03.09 - 04:32pm
Aww...another slytherin and even a snape lover.hah....amazing! How come nobody loves voldy??? *

candyqty 19.03.09 - 08:45pm
im a ralph fiennes fan!!! voldemort is 2 evil. ic *

netty73 12.05.09 - 04:36am
Hi All My names Annette im from Australia im a big fan of Harry Potter I have read every harry potter book seen every movie watched the making of every movie and have all the Merchandise. My favourite character is Lucious Malfoy and my favourite actor is Jason Isaacs I also like Hagrid. *

netty73 12.05.09 - 04:50am
I forgot to say I'd like to join Griffandor because of Fred and George their funny. *

jakimc 12.05.09 - 07:18am
so another member 4 Gryffindor hello.GIF netty *

candyqty 12.05.09 - 08:36pm
i love lucius,actually i love jason isaacs as lucius! mr.malfoy is pretty evil. *

candyqty 12.05.09 - 08:36pm
welcome.GIF netty welcome.GIF fairy.GIF *

nej1 13.05.09 - 07:12am
hi am nej1,i would like to go with gryffidor coz i luv peter petigrew *

jakimc 13.05.09 - 09:49am
hello.GIF nej1 its gd 2 have u with us welcome.GIF *

candyqty 15.05.09 - 12:05am
peter?? wormtail? its shameful he's a griffyndor! hes eviiiiiiiiil *

jakimc 15.05.09 - 07:13am
each 2 their own eh amanda lol.GIF *

rkb_best 3.06.09 - 05:37pm
I'm rkb. I love dark arts to I sort myself to Slytherin. *

jakimc 3.06.09 - 05:47pm
hello.GIF rkb another snakeling hmm? *

rkb_best 3.06.09 - 06:08pm
Hehe yeah *

janfer 3.06.09 - 06:49pm
Yeah! Another slytherine. Go slytherin. witch.GIF *

nej1 6.07.09 - 10:44am
yeah but slytherins ar weak. *

janfer 6.07.09 - 02:22pm
Ur gonna get in trouble nej1. Dont mess with the sliterins! badgrin.GIF *

jakimc 6.07.09 - 03:46pm
ay theres 2 many of us here lol.GIF *

akira12 10.07.09 - 08:47am
Woow lot of slytherin!! Yaay! *

akira12 10.07.09 - 08:49am
Of course i'm a slytherin! How dare do you ask! (i'll burn the sorting hat if he place me in other house!). Anyway, my dad hav a snake, it's name is Baruklinting. 'Ulo iku lahir saka dewo' (it's indonesian charm bout snake, the meaning is: 'snake is born from god'). *

akira12 10.07.09 - 09:12am
Anyway, my chinese sign is snake too (i born on 1989) *

jakimc 10.07.09 - 12:36pm
cool grin.GIF... er... no u dont wanna no my chinese sign... oh alrite then... im a pig doh.GIF... go on... get ur laughs out now lol.GIF *

akira12 10.07.09 - 12:59pm
Hwaha! Jakimc is a PIG! Waow, severus will pass out if he know it! Lol! But don't worry, i still lov u! *

janfer 10.07.09 - 01:27pm
Hi akira12. Jaki is a what? lmao.GIF OINK, OINK. Btw, Another slytherin, yeah cheers.GIF. *

candyqty 10.07.09 - 04:36pm
Im snake '89 too. i love pigs,like stuffed animals and pig cartoons.I think there cute *

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