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Subject: The Sorting Ceremony
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janfer 1.09.09 - 09:42pm
Akira, dont fuss with snape badgrin.GIF *

emmy2009 2.09.09 - 01:55am
Guys a little word of advice......don't mess wit snape or u'l be strangled by jaki tea.GIF *

jakimc 2.09.09 - 10:48am
emmys rite ppl lol.GIF i have 2 protect my head of house lol.GIF AND i can call 4 bk up... aint that rite jan, amanda? *

emmy2009 2.09.09 - 10:54am
I new i woz rite.....same way no one shud mess wit my cho.... *

skanda 2.09.09 - 04:32pm
Yea! And dont ever mess with my dear dear ginny kis ! She just called me up and informed....forget..will tell you the Gud news after 9 months.... wink.GIF *

janfer 2.09.09 - 07:01pm
Ur rite jaki badgrin.GIF. Ssssssssss. *

janfer 2.09.09 - 07:03pm
And skandy, 9 months? What did u do? Lol *

skanda 3.09.09 - 03:33am
Cmon jan, you need to understand such sensitive stuff. I cant tell everything openly can i. I feel shy!! shy.GIF *

janfer 3.09.09 - 09:09am
? Shy? I dont think so! lol.GIF *

candyqty 6.09.09 - 07:09am
oh man.dont ever insult severus snape he's so cool and such a bad ass *

akira12 11.09.09 - 03:33am
Very bad *

bash009 14.09.09 - 09:12am
hi am bash...bein a huge fan of harry l will go wit gryffindor *

jakimc 14.09.09 - 11:19am
welcome.GIF bash, there r a few gryffindors round here sumwhere lol.GIF im a snake (but dont say 'snake' 2 akira cz we'll never shut him up lol.GIF (wuv u akira)) ne way nice 2 have u here bash hug.GIF *

nej1 15.09.09 - 09:06pm
Hey jaki wen i joind u did nt welcome me like dis.....bash.GIF....,...any way welcome bash am a gryfindor too *

jakimc 15.09.09 - 10:36pm
nej1... hey im sorry... here have a hug.GIF... have another hug.GIF... n belated welcome.GIF 2 u grin.GIF *

janfer 16.09.09 - 01:30am
Hi bash, im jan and im a slytherin and jaki ur right about akira. lol.GIF Hey akira! SNAKE! *

bash009 16.09.09 - 12:21pm
Jealous..jealous...jealous..hey jaki,hey everybody thanks 4 the reception *

candyqty 19.09.09 - 12:12am,akira. jan,do u have access to a pc?
did u give me ur email?i think u did.i think i added u *

akira12 21.09.09 - 04:02pm
Oh my draco inlove.GIF u guys talk bout SNAKE??? I know snake is de greatest creature that eva created! Its awesome, i mean... look at my draco! He's so cute crying.GIF Hey i hav a question 4 u guys, which is better? Draco snake, or snapy snake? lmao.GIF *

jakimc 21.09.09 - 06:30pm
off_topic.GIF... again guys lol.GIF oh btw... snapey snake is best grin.GIF *

janfer 21.09.09 - 11:02pm
Snapey snake is the best. Amiga candy, yo te di mi email. If u dont have it let me know. *

akira12 23.09.09 - 11:26am
No, no, no, u guys just dont know! Draco snake is the best. Trust me, he's great. I've see it 4 myself. I've been dreamin for over n over for his snake. His snake is beautiful... , REALLY beautiful..... N the move! wow, its so fast... grin.GIF Draco snake is the best *

nej1 24.09.09 - 12:32pm
hey jaki!.......why did ur topic's it dat d no of topics hav a limit or u just felt lik deletin them *

jakimc 24.09.09 - 05:52pm
i mentioned it in 'members chat' a while ago nej1... i just deleted sum unused topics n tidied up a bit smile.GIF *

nej1 25.09.09 - 01:12am
Pls do nt get angry.....i was just eager to knw *

candyqty 28.09.09 - 12:25am
jaki dont do that! nooo dont do that anymore *

jakimc 28.09.09 - 06:57pm
hey im not angry lol.GIF i just think i have an OCD lol i wont b takin ne more away dont worry *

nej1 4.10.09 - 04:37pm
Ok...i hav got that *

edigagah 27.01.10 - 08:57pm
am edgar n wld lyk 2 sort maself in2 slytherin since i blv am a half blood prince n severus is ma idol! *

janfer 27.01.10 - 09:40pm
aww_yeah.GIF oh yeah, another slytherin. Ssssssssssss *

janfer 27.01.10 - 09:42pm
Mine 2, Severus is my idol. yes.GIF *

akira12 28.01.10 - 04:16am
Hey, Draco is my idol too!! Not just an idol, he will be my husband in the future *

akira12 28.01.10 - 04:18am
Its always be my dream, to marry a cute snake like him *

candyqty 28.01.10 - 04:24am
i dont get u akira *

lordkid 12.02.10 - 07:29pm
Leeford here.i'll sort myself into become a deatheater like snape. *

janfer 12.02.10 - 10:03pm
welcome!!! oh yeah, another slytherin and a snape fan. wow *

candyqty 13.02.10 - 05:44am
yeah snape is really popular.good *

jakimc 22.02.10 - 10:50pm
welcome 2 every1 who joined while i was away grin.GIF hope u all stick around... unlike... er... me lol.GIF *

candyqty 27.02.10 - 05:06am
hahaha u took a break *

dinorawr 6.08.11 - 11:25am
Name/Dino, Sort/ Ravenclaw. C: *

frodob18 20.08.11 - 02:30pm
Name:frodo i wud like to sort myself into gryffindor. *

narcissa 13.11.12 - 04:24pm
hey! I'm narcissa but my real name is victoire! I'd lyk 2 be in gryffindor cuz i'd love 2 join the golden trio's group n be wid harry all the time! Lol! *

twili 18.11.12 - 04:37am
I'm a ravenclaw no doubt. *

mysterygirl304 21.11.14 - 07:47pm
VER LETH, MIKAEELA! ..... SLYTHERIN! *Slytherin table and Snape cheers; sits down next to Draco and smirks* *

whyamihere 12.03.15 - 03:35pm
Slytherin; *

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