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Subject: Owl post game
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jakimc 13.01.09 - 11:50pm
ok bear with me u'll pick it up soon - i write a letter 2 1 character from another character then the nxt person writes 1 2 the
2nd character from sum1 else! Like this - Dear Severus, thnx 4 bein the best potions master ever, love Albus Dumbledore! So nxt person writes 2 Dumbledore from sum1 else! Ok? *

jakimc 13.01.09 - 11:53pm
Dear Dumbledore, is there ne chance i can get my wand bk this yr, urs Rubeus Hagrid *

candyqty 14.01.09 - 12:49am
Dearest Rubeus, I am sorry to inform you that it will not be possible to get your wand back,after that madam Rosmerta incident(I shal not repeat what was done) im afraid I can not intrust u with a wand again. Yours truly, Dumbly *

jakimc 14.01.09 - 07:22am
oops.GIF sorry shd have said its not a reply bt a letter from sum1 diff :) gd 1 tho amanda *

jakimc 14.01.09 - 10:45am
Dear Professor Dumbledore, i jus wanted 2 thank u 4 lkin after me all these yrs, Harry Potter *

jakimc 14.01.09 - 10:46am
Harry, gr8 news, dads managed 2 get tickets 4 nxt yrs quidditch world cup, from Ron *

jakimc 14.01.09 - 10:49am
Mr. Ronald Weasley, ur detention 4 swearin in class will commence @ 7pm this evenin promptly, Professor McGonagall *

jakimc 14.01.09 - 10:51am
Dearest Minerva, jus a note 2 thank u 4 the large bottle of scotch u sent me 4 xmas, all the best, Albus *

jakimc 14.01.09 - 10:52am
hope its makin more sense now - jus keep the chain of ppl goin *

emmy2009 14.01.09 - 02:30pm
Dear Prof.dumbledore tanx 4 allowin me n harry 2 use d time turner 2 save sirius n beaky. Yours faithfully hermione granger *

jakimc 14.01.09 - 05:50pm
Dear Hermione, how r u i hope u have reconsidered tellin the ministry of magic that im an unregistered animagus, yours hopin, Rita Skeeter *

jakimc 15.01.09 - 05:49pm
Dear Rita, if u print ne more lies bout me in the daily prophet i will report u as an unregistered animagus Regards, Harry Potter *

jakimc 15.01.09 - 05:51pm
Dear Harry, jus a quick note 2 ask u if u wd like 2 cm n stay @ grimmauld place over the holidays, wd b gr8 2 c u again, love Remus *

jakimc 16.01.09 - 05:39pm
Mr. Lupin, I have prepared you another batch of the Wolfsbane potion which will be ready for you to collect tomorrow evening, Severus Snape *

jakimc 17.01.09 - 02:54pm
Sev, thanks for lending me the book about laughing potions i think i'll slip some in petunias cocoa, Lily *

jakimc 21.01.09 - 01:36pm
dearest Lily, i jus had an owl from dumbledore telling me bout the nxt Order meeting I'll pick u up @ 7, love James *

jakimc 4.02.09 - 02:42pm
Hey James, i just bought this wicked new motorbike that FLYS i'll be round yours tonight tell the other marauders, Padfoot *

emmy2009 4.02.09 - 10:00pm
Heard bout ur bike,glad 2 see it 2 nite n also wormtail's comin 2,yours sincerly moony *

jakimc 5.02.09 - 02:18pm
Moony, I DID IT I conjured a fully formed patronus I never would have managed it without your help THANKS, Yours Harry *

emmy2009 6.02.09 - 04:00pm
Harry u are needed at da room of requirement rite now pls show up,luv cho *

jakimc 6.02.09 - 11:52pm
Cho im sorry but harry will not be joining you in the room of requirement as he'll be with me! And if you dont stay away from MY boyfriend i'll hex you into next week, Ginny *

jb2catz 10.02.09 - 01:25pm
dear ginny, im so happy u and harry finally got together! now if i can just get ron to get a clue! love hermione *

jakimc 10.02.09 - 10:44pm
Hermione dear, I'm having everyone over to the burrow for xmas this year and would love for you and your parents to come too. Love Molly Weasley x *

jb2catz 10.02.09 - 11:22pm
Mum this is Ron. Why did u send me those blood ugly robes for? how am i supposed to impress the girls like that? *

emmy2009 11.02.09 - 02:20pm
Hi ron,you're needed at da quidditch pitch,we can't wait anymore.angelina *

jb2catz 11.02.09 - 02:57pm
angelina this is snape. ur practice has been cancelled because slitherin needs the field. off with u! snape *

jb2catz 19.02.09 - 02:38am
Snape, this is professor McGonagall. u need to resume occlumency lessons with Harry asap. he is struggling to keep his mind clear. kindly inform me when u are ready to do so. professor McGonagall. *

jakimc 19.02.09 - 06:13pm
dear professor mcgonagall, we need a teacher to oversee the upcoming meetings of dumbledores army, would you be willing to help out? thanks, harry *

candyqty 20.02.09 - 01:37am
dearest Harry,'sup? i wanted to keep you aware of the fact that i'm looking for you.when i do i have a surprise for you! see you soon,
your friend Voldi. *

jakimc 20.02.09 - 09:45am
my lord, i have, as u instructed, visited the vampires of transylvania and im pleased to say they are willing to join with us in ridding the world of the mud-bloods and blood traitors, your most humble servant, bella *

candyqty 21.02.09 - 01:11am
bella.urgent.stop.must find sirius.stop.curse to kill.kindly,lucius lord needs new socks.stop *

jakimc 21.02.09 - 01:46pm
roflmao.GIF *

jakimc 21.02.09 - 01:49pm
Father, i made it onto the slytherin quidditch team! My team-mates were astounded when i told them they would all be receiving new brooms, thankyou, your son, Draco *

jakimc 21.02.09 - 01:51pm
Malfoy, get down to my quarters this instant and retrieve your friends, Crabbe and Goyle, they are wandering around like two brain-dead imbeciles, now Mr. Malfoy or it will be one month worth of detentions for all of you! Professor Snape *

candyqty 22.02.09 - 12:33am
dear professor snape i have lost my umbrella would u happen to have a pink one i can borrow?
hagrid *

jakimc 24.02.09 - 12:46pm
dear hagrid, please please please can u tell me how to open this care of magical creatures book? ive been strokin it like the last one but it just keeps spitting at me, thanks ron *

jb2catz 25.02.09 - 04:27am
ron, quit stroking your book and get to the quidditch field! ur late for practice!

Harry *

candyqty 25.02.09 - 07:54pm
harry, its hagrid.tell ron this years book reacts violently to stroking! just lick the top right edge of the book and it will open *

jb2catz 25.02.09 - 08:41pm
hagrid, this is professor slughorn. i was very sorry to hear of aragog! let me come and offer my condolences this evening.
slughorn *

jakimc 25.02.09 - 10:37pm
Dear Horace, as you know it is very difficult to find (and keep) a good DADA teacher, i wondered if you'd be willing to fill in for a term, regards Albus Dumbledore *

emmy2009 26.02.09 - 03:20pm
Dear prof.dumbledore i wud like 2 tel u i jst found a new seeker 4 gryffindor.dearest minerva *

candyqty 27.02.09 - 01:11am
dear minerva, i would like to invite you for a dinner date.perhaps at the new restaurant the goats horns?yours truly,
alistor moody *

jakimc 27.02.09 - 05:56pm
Moody, i need to speak with you about auror security for the kids on the hogwarts express, floo me at 7pm at the burrow, Arthur *

jb2catz 27.02.09 - 07:42pm
Arthur, darling, just wanted to tell you that Lupin and Tonks will be joining us for Christmas supper. love you dearest,
Molly *

jakimc 1.03.09 - 01:48pm
Mum, er we just wanted to warn u er mcgonagall is sending you a er letter as she found er a 1st year with er rabbit ears and ducks feet and er she thinks it has er something to do with us er sorry mum, love Fred and George *

candyqty 3.03.09 - 03:08pm
dear fred,
those cheating quills you sent me backfired and all it kept writing was 'i will not cheat' IN BLOod.On hy hand! i think umbridge is behind it..guess im going to have 2 do that competency test on my own, merlin help me!
Dumbledore *

jb2catz 4.03.09 - 09:11pm
professor dumblydore, i have some new socks for u 2 try..i will bring them to ur office after i check on what kreachers doing 4 harry.
dobby *

candyqty 6.03.09 - 11:04pm
DOBBY get my laundry done by 3pm and dont u dare get urself blood free either, figure out HOW NOT TO! lucius M *

janfer 17.03.09 - 06:15am
Lucius Malfoy., we invite you and your fam. to the International Quidich Chanmpion... You will be in the VIP area. It will be an honor if you accept my invitation. Waiting words from you, Cornelius Fudge. *

jakimc 18.03.09 - 10:58am
minister fudge, things at hogwarts are much worse than you expected, dumbledore continues to moddy-coddle those insufferable brats, i feel a change amongst the staff is needed and i offer my services willingly, yours dolores umbridge *

candyqty 22.03.09 - 12:39am
Dearest dolores,
have u seen the new line of gold rimed kitten photo frame in modern-witch weekly magazine? i've orderd 2 for myself in white- and yellow gold.please answer promptly.
yours truly,
Igor Karakoff *

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