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Subject: Owl post game
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jakimc 25.03.09 - 11:04am
karkaroff, get your useless, skinny down to my chambers this minute and tell me what nonsense you blabbed to the dark lord, snape *

janfer 25.03.09 - 02:10pm
Prof. Snape. You'd bin selected in the playgirl wizard magazine of 1 of the s*xiest man in both worlds, wizard and muggle world. We want to know everything, your opinion and if you agree to have an exclusive interview with us in Daily Profet. Yours, Rita Skeeter. *

candyqty 15.04.09 - 02:30am
dear miss skeeter,
i wish to advise you that the wcps,wizarding child protective services is still investigating what went on between yourself and some students in a broom closet.we would like to hear what you have to say on this matter.
yours truly.
albus dumbledore
p.s. u perv! *

janfer 15.04.09 - 04:20am
(laughing). He he he. *

jakimc 16.04.09 - 07:09pm
Dumbledore, I'm getting slightly fed up of your students telling everyone that you are the greatest sorcerer in the world and I wish to set the record straight once and for all! I am the grestest sorcerer in the world! No, I am! NO, I AM! Never yours, Lord Voldemort (The greatest sorcerer in the world) *

candyqty 17.04.09 - 03:03am
lol.GIF psyco *

janfer 24.05.09 - 01:45pm
To: Lord Voldemort sorry if lied to u, but when u ask for my wand and ask me what it was made, i lied 2 u. I gave u a fake 1 and it was made by plastic. Sorry lord! I need ur forgiveness. Urs lucius malfoy scared.GIF *

jakimc 26.05.09 - 05:46pm
Dear Mr. Malfoy, thankyou for your extremely generous and extravagent donation to the Ministry of Magics christmas dinner and dance ball of 1,000,000 galleons. And of course the aurors departement are busy tomorrow and shall not be calling for an unexpected visit to Malfoy Manor, humbly yours Cornelius Fudge *

jakimc 9.10.09 - 03:23pm
Dear Mr. Fudge, I understand there is a job in your office that's vacant at the moment! I'd like to apply for the position myself as I'm extremely useful at l*cking boots, brown-nosing, crawling and being an overall dogsbody! Yours, creepily, Percy Weasley *

emmy2009 12.10.09 - 04:18pm
Dear percy......I jst wanna say sorry 4 spillin ink on your lovely penelope's pic.....PS : fred n george made me do it.......frm : Ron *

candyqty 18.10.09 - 05:29am
dearest ron,I got your mail by accident again,just thought I'd slip it in your mailbox for you.I accidentally opened and read your latest issue of playwitch.sorry.Oh,funny letter from that friend of yours..not that I read it.Btw,who is this JK..Rowling or somesoort??? ok,see you later,your friend Harry *

emmy2009 12.12.09 - 01:48am
My dear Scarhead,i heard wat u said in my back dat u're the greatest wizard in our year.....I dare u to meet me in the dungeons by 3 am so we can hav a duel.....your wealthy rival,Draco malfoy *

janfer 15.01.10 - 09:57pm
Mr. Draco Malfoy

Im planning to make you my new death eater, cus we need young minds fresh plans to ruin Potter. Your father accepted the invitation gladdly. We want to welcome you in our society, our pride. As a slyterine you will be honored.


emmy2009 31.01.11 - 10:39pm
My lord,
I am prepared to betray my friends and aid you in your quest to become supreme...
Frm wormtail *

rkb_best 7.02.11 - 06:12am
As soon as i get out of azkaban. i'm gonna find u n kill u for betraying us. U killed James n Lily.
Yours Padfoot *

skanda 7.02.11 - 05:12pm
Dear Padfoot,
Thanx a lot for the Firebolt! I love it!
Harry *

narcissa 26.06.12 - 06:51pm
Dear Harry, no need 2 thnk me 4 the firebolt, ur broomstick was broken and it was my duty to give u a new 1, now,tell me,how is everything at Hogwarts? *

sabrina9 29.04.13 - 12:03pm
Dear Sirius, harry is very ill. He is moaning in his sleep saying he wnts 2 meet his godfather a last time... Urs forever: Dumbledore *

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