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Subject: You write it!!!
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jakimc 11.02.09 - 06:37pm
If u had the time, resources n imagination of j.k. rowling (maybe u do lol) wud u write another bk? Wot wud it b - prequel/sequel/sumthin different? How wud ur story go? Wud u bring bk a character or have new 1z? Lets have ur ideas here!!! *

jb2catz 11.02.09 - 09:32pm
a sequel would be nice harrys children have to fight a new dark lord with their friends maybe? with harrys and the rest to help? *

jakimc 11.02.09 - 10:34pm
hmm ye n they cd have help with the ppl that have passed on (ya gotta bring snape in2 it sum how lol) maybe a battle beyond the veil *

emmy2009 12.02.09 - 02:59am
A prequel maybe,showing da strugles of harry in life b4 goin 2 hogwarts *

jakimc 12.02.09 - 11:31am
different short stories wd b gd 1 4 each of the main characters n their history *

jb2catz 12.02.09 - 03:39pm
excellent idea! and u could write about some funny things that happened to the nasty relatives harry lived with! a battle beyond the veil sounds right up my alley! id fight just to kill bellatrix lestrange again hilarious.GIF *

candyqty 18.02.09 - 08:34pm
id love to imagen what happend to the trio after DH.and like neville luna bill fleur etc. *

jakimc 18.02.09 - 10:30pm
ye amanda
even tho i like jk's epilogue i wanted 2 no wot their jobs were etc that wdv been gd *

jakimc 28.02.09 - 01:39pm
a gd spin off wd b 2 follow a character who went 2 wrk in the dept of mysteries n try n unlock the secrets of the veil cz im assumin the ppl behind there r neither dead nor alive so imagine if sum1 found the secret 2 bring them back! *

candyqty 3.03.09 - 03:14pm
yea..that is a good ron n harry working at the ministry and unlocking all those mysteries there are alot of doors.each one could be an adventure, and with hermiones help they can try 2 solve them. ofcours with help from dumbledore n snape somehow.. *

jb2catz 4.03.09 - 09:05pm
a dept. of ministry sequel would bring all the characters together nicely..maybe harry could find some info on his parents work and put the all of the mysterious pieces of the puzzle together finally..and if som1 found the secret to bringing people back from the veil, maybe theres 1 for harrys parents? *

jakimc 6.03.09 - 01:30pm
oo jus had a wkd idea - wot if Voldy, in his wild n crazy youth, fathered a child! he/ she cd turn out as evil n twisted as him n b intent on persuin Voldys mission! then obviously ya get the nxt gen off potters/weasleys 2 continue the battle their parents started! o n ya wd have 2 stick snape in there sumwhere rofl.GIF *

candyqty 6.03.09 - 05:28pm
ow yeah.that sounds rather harry/ron/hermione but that could def work!voldy's child,totally possible(the part about snape tho may be harder, lots of ppl are convinced he died a virgin) haha *

candyqty 6.03.09 - 05:31pm
but i dont believe it.he was way 2 hot/cool egdance.GIF *

jakimc 6.03.09 - 08:51pm
he was savin himself 4 me (s*x) *

jakimc 18.03.09 - 11:06am
wot bout this - as part of snapes unwaverin commitment 2 dumbledore, the headmaster arranged 4 fawkes 2 watch over sev n when nagini bit him (n after harry left him on the floor) fawkes flew in, sang 2 snape n cried on him, healin his wounds! snape transfigured sumthin in the shack 2 lk like his body n then disappeared! so a sequel cd b written bout snape n wot he did nxt hurray.GIF *

skanda 19.03.09 - 01:58pm
Wat about something between DH and epilogue...wat if harry finds out tat lily and snape had a secret son who's older than harry and studied in durmstrang and comes to kill harry and how snape comes back like how jaki says and saves harry:) might be 18+ though! *

jakimc 19.03.09 - 05:51pm
woah i like that idea skanda yes.GIF ne thing with snape n 18+ in the same sentence wrks 4 me lol bt seriously r there ne buddin writers out there who can c sum gd ideas here n mite wanna write their own fan fix? *

candyqty 19.03.09 - 08:22pm
i actually lovE that idea,n 2 mix the both of em is wild!love it!!! the only flaw i see with that story is that phoenix tears heals wounds..unless fawkes was carying a SS/PS or unicorn blood or something,i dont know how he coul be a fanfic,i'd be GREAT,as a book 2 many ppl would criticize the plot *

jakimc 19.03.09 - 09:45pm
bt wot if he hadnt actually died - snape bein the excellent spy n potions master he is cdv been takin an antivenin 4 a while... u no... just in case... *

skanda 20.03.09 - 08:19am
Oho...i see tat you liked my idea,i'd definately write if i had enough..busy with exams now.amanda,wat if nagini's venom and the basilsk venom are almost same,then fawkes can heal snape easily right? You can also include a dark art fight between cho and ginny to get harry.hows tat??? *

jakimc 20.03.09 - 09:28am
snape has had 2 lk after number 1 4 yrs so im sure he'd take wotever precautions he cd 2 prolong his life! he cd have taken pain-killin potions n as i said antivenin, he mite even had a clue wot voldy was gonna do 2 him, bein the occlumens he was! so, ok, fawkes gets 2 him b4 he takes his last breath! cant imagine snape havin a child now i think bout it cz sum1 wd no sumthin bt if voldy had an evil kid, snape cd cm bk 2 help harry with that! *

skanda 20.03.09 - 11:48am
Haha...voldy having a kid!lol lol...with whom do you suppose?bella?? No way, he wouldnt have touched a women in his life.coz people have kids only for love.i cant imagine voldy showing love! He is a weird man, neither a virgin nor a non-virgin...something in between!! Lol. *

jakimc 20.03.09 - 04:44pm
i meant b4 he became voldy, when he was tom, maybe just outta skool, it cdv been part of his evil plan 2 carry on the slytherin line, another heir! *

skanda 20.03.09 - 05:06pm
Ya, tat can be a possibility. Just say snape had a sister who tom fancied when he was at hogwarts and did her in...but when she finds out when tom has become voldy then she'll kill herself and leave their kid to be brought up by a muggle orphanage...tat would be an amazing plot. Wat say??? *

skanda 20.03.09 - 05:14pm
I always had this question but nobody to ask. We know tat we get a half-blood when a muggle and wizard or witch get wild. But wat happens when its a half-blood and a wizard.will they get three-fourth blood or one-fourth blood? Just a silly question. But can anybody answer??? *

jb2catz 20.03.09 - 09:13pm
the snotty malfoys will probably still consider them half bloods *

candyqty 21.03.09 - 12:23am
maybe tom n bella had a drunken night.too much b*tterbeer...9 months later voldy junior.ur question,i have no idea how that could be answered... i dont know dude *

jakimc 21.03.09 - 08:00am
i reckon jenns rite - in a pure bloods opinion they wd still have dirty blood in the family line so cdnt b classed as pureblood so bcz of that i think they wd b called halfblood *

skanda 21.03.09 - 07:20pm
I figured it out. Case 1-If a muggle and half-blood mate, then its one-fourth blood.. Case 2-if a half-blood and pure-blood mate then its a three-fourth blood.sorry,but i guess i've been studyin a lot of math for my monday exam. I believe you got the logic now! *

candyqty 18.10.09 - 05:43am
i see the logic but after a while it would get ridiculous to keep track of that. 'im 6/24th part muggleborn' *

minmei 20.12.16 - 12:40am
Candyqty, Severus was not a virgin. He and Lily had Harry Potter, but because she was pureblood and Severus half-blood, she was forced to marry another pureblood, hence James Potter. *

minmei 23.02.17 - 11:21pm
I like jakimc's idea about a short story about some of the characters...I'd definetly would love to know Snape's history. It would be great if Severus had an antidote for V's snake or one of the death eaters were spelled into pretending to be Professor Snape, disguised with polyjuice. *

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