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Subject: Too much Harry?!?
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candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:38am
Here is a topic I found on another fansite and its so cute/funny i thought i'd copy it. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR READING TOO MANY HP BOOKS *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:39am
you wave your pencils at inaniamte objects and expect them to move *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:40am
you wake up in the middle of the night wondering why Dumbledore had a gleam in his eye *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:41am
you straddle your broomstick and try to fly *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:42am
you're watching football on TV and wondering when the Quarterback will catch the Golden Snitch *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:43am
you catch your kids up late at night and yell detention the three of you! *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:44am
while your cats try to escape you catch them and chastise them that first years aren't allowed off school grounds *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:45am
instead of reaching for your broom you just say up *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:47am
if after a conversation with your boss you reach for a bar of chocolate *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:48am
you complain at the local foto-development store that the people in your birthday-pictures are not moving. *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:48am
every time you see a painting, you wonder what the password is! *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:49am
you're sent to get a six-pack and in the supermarket you ask the people where you can find the b*tterbeer *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:50am
you're looking for a new car in the car-store and ask if they can't widen it some meters inside *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:51am
Going sight-seeing in London, you can't seem to find Diagon Alley on your city-map map *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:52am
Having a group-homework-assignment, you propose to meet in the Restricted Section after lunch *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:53am
You crash your head into the wall at King's Cross trying to get to platform 9 3/4 *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:54am
At career-day you ask for the Sorting Hat *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:55am
On the street, every time you see a fat woman, you instinctively say Caput Draconis *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:57am
you say ''Ten points fromGryffindor'' anytime somebody does something wrong *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 02:59am
In history exam, on the question when did Napoleon die you answer in the 1612 Goblin rebellion *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:00am
if you wake up in the middle of the night wondering why you were just wandering around a maze with Harry *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:01am
You see a stray tabby cat on the street and wonder why it dosent turn into Proffesor McGonagall *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:02am
you go into a store and request a copy of the Daily Prophet *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:03am
you post a note above your cubicle at work that says Azkaban *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:04am
when you enter a dark room you say 'lumos!' *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:05am
you swear behind Osama Bin laden's turban is you-know-who. *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:06am
you start thinking any redhead must be a 'weasley'. *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:07am
when someone ask you who's your least favourite teacher you say professor snape *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:08am
you go sneaking off at night under a blanket thinking you are invisible. *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:10am
you start calling your domestic helper dobby *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:11am
you read the bible and realise that Adam was a Parselmouth. *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:12am
When you play dodgeball, you think the ball is a bludger *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:13am
You can't stop including anything about HP in your conversations (thats meeee) *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:15am
You start calling voldemort 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' (ive also done that) *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:17am
You insist that wizards and witches like Gandalf, Glinda the Witch of the North, The Wizard of Oz and Sabrina's aunts all graduated from Hogwarts *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:19am
You have a day-to-day calendar from both the movie and the Warner Bros illustrations (hey,i have an hp hbp calendar) *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:20am
You expect Dobby to come over to clean your room *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:21am
You start to speaking in a British accent even though you aren't even part British. You had gotten the accent from reading the books or watching the
movie too much. *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:22am
when you get realy angry with someone and you say adava kadavra or crutio. *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:24am
You get a permanent tattoo of a lightning bolt on your forehead, and randomly clutch at it in agony, saying Lord Voldemort has returned. hahaha.GIF *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 03:26am
when you write a school essay called why house elves should get good paying *

emmy2009 1.06.09 - 06:52am
U hold a tennis ball saying what have i forgotten *

jakimc 1.06.09 - 10:00am
pmpl.GIF hilarious.GIF lmao.GIF
omg well done sum of those r soooo funny, like bashin ur head on 9 n 3/4 n the bin laden turban thingy, i like urs 2 emmy, i just have 2 think of sum now lol *

skanda 1.06.09 - 08:23pm
Oh, tat was amazing. Nice one amanda.and emmy, i didnt understand yours? I've personally done some of those, like pointing the pen and random objects and muttering lumos and maxima. Nice, very nice. *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 09:44pm
dus,using the tennisball as a remembral *

candyqty 1.06.09 - 09:45pm
there were alot of them that i didnt even want 2 put cuz creeepyly ive done them!!! *

rkb_best 2.06.09 - 04:39pm
Lolz candy that woz funny. *

candyqty 2.06.09 - 07:08pm
thank u thank u bow.GIF introduce urself in the topic sorting hat or something *

candyqty 2.06.09 - 07:10pm
i know im soo funny hah clap2.GIF im the best at copy-pasteing *

jakimc 3.06.09 - 07:44am
u decide 2 go visit a friend n realise u just threw gr8 uncle arthurs ashes on the fire doh.GIF *

candyqty 18.10.09 - 05:40am
you know you're reading too much harry potter when instead of getting grounded u get ur books taken away from you(this actually happend to a friend of mine) *

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