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go How would you like to travel?
go If you could own 1 magical object (not including a wand) what would it be?
go During a Quidditch match you would be...
go Whats your favourite spell?
go Have you ever read any Harry Potter fan fiction?
go Best couple!!!
go Who's your fave Marauder?
go What did you think of Beedle the Bard?
go Which is your fave ghost?
go Best pet!!!
go Most annoying character!!!
go Who is the greatest sorcerer?
go Which house would you be in?
go What would your prefered profession be?
go What would you rather be?
go Rate GodricsHollow!!!
go Character deaths! Which affected you most?
go How often do you visit GodricsHollow?
go Best villian!!!
go Books vs Films! Which is best?

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