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Subject: In the hotseat... CANDYQTY!
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akira12 24.11.10 - 11:43pm
Sorry, my first kiss? Wow, it sweet, really, a super sweet kiss... I do it with sum jer.k in my college *

candyqty 28.11.10 - 04:20am
are u sure u dont hv my fb? i think i have u *

candyqty 28.11.10 - 04:21am
my question for u is, what would be a dream job for you? *

akira12 3.12.10 - 02:26am
Yes, i find ur fb in jan. My dream job? Well, its kinda embarassing, but i want to be a singer *

candyqty 29.12.10 - 06:44am
so,sinds u want to be a singer,i guess u are a good singer then. whare can i hear your stuff? youtube? *

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