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Subject: HP quiz
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jakimc 5.01.09 - 10:52pm
Answer the question n ask 1 - wot is Dumbledores full name? *

emmy2009 7.01.09 - 12:27am
Its albus percival wulfric brian dumbledore my question who's malfoy's girlfriend in chambers of secrets *

jakimc 8.01.09 - 05:29pm
Is it Pansy Parkinson? I always get mixed up with her n Millicent Bulstrode! Nxt question - wot is Harrys d8 of birth? *

emmy2009 9.01.09 - 02:21pm
Its pansy parkinson,den 4 ur question harry's date of birth is d 31st of july,same as rowlin's,my nxt question,wat are d names of d 4 dragons used in d tri wizard tournament *

jakimc 9.01.09 - 05:12pm
Welsh green, chinese fireball, swedish short snout n hungarian horntail :) emmy u 4got the yr lol ok nxt question - wot is snapes patronus? *

candyqty 10.01.09 - 05:38am
Snapes patronus is a silver doe ,in honor of what year did Nearly Headless Nick die? *

jakimc 10.01.09 - 11:00am
Wd that b 1492? ok wot did harry n ginny name their youngest son (full name)? *

candyqty 10.01.09 - 05:31pm
Albus Severus 'Al' Potter..what did Hagrid name his pet dragon ? *

jakimc 10.01.09 - 06:13pm
Norbert! Wot did the mirror of erised say across the top of it when read backwards? *

jakimc 12.01.09 - 05:29pm
Havin trouble with this 1? *

candyqty 13.01.09 - 02:31am
Yeaaaa..can i [phone] owl a friend? *

emmy2009 13.01.09 - 05:50am
It says i show not ur face but ur heart desire,my question why did d sneakoscope kept lighting in d weasleys dinner *

jakimc 13.01.09 - 09:58am
hehe amanda ye ya can owl who ya want lol bt well done emmy n il have 2 have a think bout urs yes.GIF *

jakimc 13.01.09 - 06:04pm
was it bcz it was near scabbers/pettigrew? hmm not sure if thats rite chin.GIF *

emmy2009 13.01.09 - 06:33pm
Not true,try again *

candyqty 14.01.09 - 01:19am
I agree w/ jaks, because scabbers the rat who was pettigrew in animagus form was there *

emmy2009 14.01.09 - 08:11am
Not true *

emmy2009 14.01.09 - 09:41am
A clue,d answer is in bk 3 *

jakimc 14.01.09 - 11:01am
aha i got it fred n george had put beetles in percys soup hurray.GIF nxt question - wot is severus snapes middle name? *

emmy2009 15.01.09 - 03:06pm ma turn wats d ingredients needed 2 brew a polyjuice portion *

grangers 17.01.09 - 09:23pm
Wasnt it hair frm the person u wanted 2 become. *

jakimc 17.01.09 - 10:40pm
think its gotta b the whole lot grangers lol only bout another 10 more ingredients 2 go :) x *

jakimc 18.01.09 - 12:48pm
ok here we go
lacewing flies
bicorn horn
sal ammoniac
boomslang skin
n as grangers said a piece of the person u want 2 change in2 *

jakimc 18.01.09 - 12:53pm
hope that was rite lol nxt question - name 3 familes that live in ottery st catchpole *

jakimc 21.01.09 - 01:28pm
has this 1 stumped yall 2? *

jakimc 13.02.09 - 10:21am
cmon guys wizard.GIF lol *

jb2catz 14.02.09 - 06:45am
the weasleys, the diggorys? am i on the right track? *

jakimc 14.02.09 - 10:26am
oo ye cm on jenn 1 more then u can ask a question *

jb2catz 17.02.09 - 08:04pm
the lovegoods and the fawcetts. *

jakimc 17.02.09 - 08:46pm
go jenn clap2.GIF u get 2 ask a question now :) *

jb2catz 17.02.09 - 10:39pm
Who was Ginny caught kissing by Harry and Ron? *

jakimc 19.02.09 - 06:45pm
was it dean thomas? *

jb2catz 19.02.09 - 07:53pm
yep! thumbs_up.GIF ur turn to ask a question! *

jakimc 19.02.09 - 08:30pm
wow that was a wild guess lol hmm ill get my thinkin cap on 4 the nxt question hmm.GIF *

jakimc 19.02.09 - 09:05pm
ok which characters birthday is on april fools day? *

candyqty 23.02.09 - 02:04am
hate to admit i had to google that one. its fred weasley who was born on april 1st. i guess george was one day before/after *

jakimc 23.02.09 - 10:07am
clap2.GIF correct amanda wdv thought they were both on the same day tho ne way ur question :) *

candyqty 25.02.09 - 08:25pm
in what order were the parti nts names pulled out of the goblet in gof? *

jakimc 28.02.09 - 01:41pm
ok not gonna lk this up so my guess (n i cant believe i cant remember lol) is - cedric, fleur, krum, harry? *

candyqty 28.02.09 - 06:24pm
i think its krum,cedric,fleur, not sure now. anyway.u didnt ask a Q *

dndonjay 28.02.09 - 08:52pm
Krum, fleur, cedric, harry *

jakimc 28.02.09 - 10:42pm
ur rite dndonjay clap2.GIF i just checked lol u shd ask the nxt question *

candyqty 6.03.09 - 12:05am
online.GIF *

candyqty 6.03.09 - 05:32pm
question.GIF question.GIF question.GIF *

jakimc 6.03.09 - 08:50pm
ive sent dndonjay an inbox give him a cpl of days grin.GIF *

candyqty 6.03.09 - 10:11pm
dayyysss DaySSSSss ok *

jakimc 7.03.09 - 11:04am
aw bless ya lol.GIF *

jakimc 9.03.09 - 05:57pm
ok sorry dndonjay bt im gonna ask the nxt question - Where wd u find a bezoar n wot is it used 4? *

candyqty 10.03.09 - 02:01am
I had no idea even a lil bit what what this was.i had 2 search it after tht i,a bezoar is a stone that is removed from the stomach of a goat, and the ingestion of such a stone is said to cure most poisons. *

candyqty 10.03.09 - 02:06am
so u'll remember it was used when harry saves ron when he gets poisoned (with prof slughorn) by feeding it 2 him *

candyqty 10.03.09 - 02:08am the marauders in the order that their mentioned on the marauders map.and name them in the order they died.. *

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