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Subject: Members chat
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jakimc 20.03.09 - 09:38am
Here's a place 4 members 2 chat 2 other members bout ne thing non-hp-related! Discuss ur other interests n maybe find a bud! Wot else, other than hp, floats ur boat? *

skanda 20.03.09 - 05:19pm
Wow, this is a great idea actually.right now i'm happy with my only 3 great buds.but will definately look forward for more...HELLO EVERYBODY. Anybody wanting to know about me can check out my wapsite profile and plz do inbox me! *

jb2catz 20.03.09 - 09:08pm
great idea jacks! i know ive had a fabulous time chatting with you! what other kinds of books/movies does everyone enjoy? i have many..comedy is one of my favorite genres in movies as i love to laugh lol.GIF *

candyqty 21.03.09 - 12:27am
i love comedy n scary mvies.other series i like r twilight n lord of the rings.. love historical n biographical stories..n i love everything hp! *

janfer 21.03.09 - 03:17am
Great!!! For me movies, books, i love everything about egypt, Merlin, lords of the rings, music, i went to school from elementary to high with Daddy Yankee, i love Yanni and my true love are my kids. hearts.GIF. *

janfer 21.03.09 - 03:22am
And my fav. holiday is Halloween. halloween2.GIF *

jakimc 21.03.09 - 08:10am
we've had sum giggles havent we jenn lol im a big fan of slapstick comedy i rofl when ppl fall over pmpl.GIF apart from hp my other passions r motorsport, the sound of those f1 engines makes me go weak @ the knees, im a big buffy/angel geek (mainly spike) n i like supernatural 2! my son n stepkids n hubby r my life! o i lv horror 2 i like bein scared less haha n 1 day i WILL get round 2 readin twilight amanda :) *

jakimc 21.03.09 - 01:31pm
hey jan thats a gd claim 2 fame! ds ne1 else have 1? i dont sad.GIF o cept 4 meetin snape in my dreams every nite heehee *

janfer 21.03.09 - 03:15pm
You r bad. Severulicius. Mmmmmmmm!!! *

janfer 21.03.09 - 03:25pm
(You r bad Jakim. Severulicius. Mmmmmmmm!!! tease.GIF. *

skanda 21.03.09 - 07:27pm
Hey, can anyone tell me wat twilight is about?? I see tat a lot of people are interested in it! *

jakimc 21.03.09 - 10:25pm
we'll have 2 w8 4 amanda 4 that lol she's the twilight master i only no its bout vamps vampire.GIF n hey jan... severulicious... i like it hehe i tell u i'd get put away if ppl knew the kinda stuff in my dreams rofl.GIF *

candyqty 21.03.09 - 11:58pm
twilight is a stefanie meyers series,four books,about fantasy creachers..vampires warewolves living in a normal society.and its based in these times..its mostly a love/action story.humans n vampires,comparable 2 muggles n wizardingworld.they'r unaware of what goes on around them.its not bad.good read if ur into series type books.. *

candyqty 22.03.09 - 12:03am
jan..en serio??? how sweet. thats n urself never dated or anything? i love his music.n talento de bario..wel,its not gonna get an oscar but,I likEd it! *

candyqty 22.03.09 - 12:06am
i think the reason i liked twilight is because its fandom is so comparable to that of HP..the books themselves arnt grEAt,but i did enjoy the mvie they adapted from the 1st book..n it stars rob pattinson (cedric diggory in GOF!) *

skanda 22.03.09 - 03:36am
Oh great. Thanx amanda. Wats the first book of the series called? I'll try getting them. *

candyqty 22.03.09 - 04:05am
twilight.. then new moon,eclipse,breaking dawn *

janfer 22.03.09 - 10:55am
Noooo. He was always after my sister. She never like him cause he was shuby. Now she regrets that. laugh.GIF. In my class i was with his brother and manager Nomar, always a brother to me. Now he's a dilicious chocolate that i would like to eat. yumyum.GIF. *

janfer 22.03.09 - 11:04am
If you watch the video Somos de calle, they made that video in Residencial Villa Espaa, i lived there 21 years. In my facebook they add a photo with part of the class and Nomar is there with me. *

janfer 22.03.09 - 11:08am
Candy, you speak spanish? *

candyqty 22.03.09 - 05:55pm
si claro janfer *

candyqty 22.03.09 - 06:02pm
thats so cool jan! ive seen it the video *

janfer 22.03.09 - 09:21pm
qu bueno! good.GIF. *

candyqty 23.03.09 - 01:04am
jan, u read the HP books in e-spanish? *

janfer 23.03.09 - 01:44am
No, because is different. The names are different, the expressions, the aunt of harry is ta Petunia, no i dont like them in spanish. Me gustan en ingles. *

jakimc 23.03.09 - 06:26pm
wot bout music - wot r u guys in2 atm? i cant stop playin kings of leon - man that guys voice is hypnotic spin.GIF *

candyqty 23.03.09 - 06:39pm
i like watching the mvies in spanish.just when u change the setting 2 spanish.its fun.Expecto patronus,so funny.and yea,i tried reading the books in dutch but man all the names are diff!like dumbledore=perkamentus! hermione=hermelien..its annoying *

candyqty 23.03.09 - 06:43pm
hey jaks,listen 2 behind blue eyes by the Who. its Snapes song! they said that on mugglenet's podcast,i listened 2 it,it sO Is his song *

jakimc 24.03.09 - 12:18pm
bt snape has black eyes lol.GIF im gonna dld it 2day grin.GIF *

jakimc 24.03.09 - 05:35pm
got the song grin.GIF i knew i recognised the title - rupert giles sang it in an episode of buffy - cool track guitar2.GIF *

bbb09 29.03.09 - 08:57am
Big fan of kings of leon! Caleb's voice is awesome. Seen them 4 times now. Also love buffy, and i love crime programmes. Lookin forward to watchin the mentalist! *

candyqty 30.03.09 - 01:36am
Bx309 why dont u introduce yourself *

janfer 31.03.09 - 09:23pm
Jakimc, ha u ever visited stonehenge and what is like? Cause its one of my dreams. *

jakimc 31.03.09 - 10:47pm
no i've never been bt i'd like 2, wot is it that u like bout it jan? *

janfer 31.03.09 - 11:37pm
Here in Puerto Rico we have sacred grounds with stones (monolitos) in that position, only smallers and paralels lines. They have only 800 years and the indians used it for their ceremony, play their games and dance to their kacique leader and god. Stonegedge is older, and it must be wonderfull bin in a place so majestic and maybe sacred like stonegedgeg. I heard the few cults continue having ceremonies. I love stonegedge since i was a 5 or six. *

jakimc 1.04.09 - 05:10pm
wow thats deep it must b gd 2 b really in2 a culture that sounds so interestin smile.GIF i'll b sure 2 let u no if i ever get there yes.GIF *

jakimc 1.04.09 - 05:12pm
hey amanda
guitar.GIF No-one knows what its like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind BLACK eyes
No-one knows what its like
To be hated
To be fated
Telling only lies guitar.GIF
awwwwwww *

jb2catz 1.04.09 - 08:12pm
i like horror, crime novels, historical, and books like 101 places to see before you die..beautiful book! i watch animal planet and a lot of shows like bones (angel's the star! mmmm) lie to me, law and order. my 2 girls r the center of my world. i love Yanni also, and too many other artists to name. i LOVE interview w/a vampire and bram stokers dracula, and the pirates of the caribbean series-ive been a loyal fan of johnny depp since i was 17. i still havent gotten around to seeing the lord of the ring series, but i loved eragon! *

candyqty 1.04.09 - 08:31pm
wow jaks,ur a lil off tune but nice nicely done haha..n jan,im facinated by stonehenge aswel,i love any kind of history subject.especially one that is so myterious as that of SH..they do still do rituals there.i think its cool..hmm do i sense a roadtrip that we should go on??? jaki,u in? haha *

candyqty 1.04.09 - 08:35pm
i like history /biography 2..i only like law n order SVU... n hello eragon (viggo mort.inson) hottt! n i love loved orlando bloom as a blond in LOTR. *

janfer 1.04.09 - 09:51pm
Hey candy, great idea about that trip. I'm in. Well, i like to draw, read about history, i love the biografy channel, and about Bram Stoker dracula, WOW, I love it. As a wizard or a vampire, Gary Olman is amazing. Hey Jenn, did u liked Sleepy Hollow? Its 1 of my fav. I have a boy, (8 y) Karlos, my girl Katherine (7) and my baby Jorge (1 y). They r my life. I love Yanni, and Evanecense and a lot more like def leppard and i like THE TUDORS!!! A lot of handsome actors. Mmmmm. yumyum.GIF. I enjoy sharing with all of you in GodricsHollow. *

janfer 1.04.09 - 10:39pm
OMG!!! (atonished) Jaki, i will need a box of kleenex. I just saw the vuclip and, WOW, my god, look at me!... We will need pills for blood presion. wow.GIF. *

candyqty 2.04.09 - 01:26am
aino no no,everyones seen this clip but me;i searched HP trailers,DH,DH trailers i only found 1 that kinda looked like what u were describing but i dont think thats it! it was Snape-Harry gay n i dont know it was stupid..there wasnt any 'look at me' so i guess thats not it *

janfer 2.04.09 - 03:27am
Well, the video i saw starts with harry as baby then that he lost his fam., that he lost his mentors and then you see sirius, snapes and dumbl. The hole video show hp past movies and the you see 2 or 3 things that you never seen before like that part with snape and harry, another part and i think is lily with snapes and then they says something about a secret reveal and shows a womans face that i never seen before. The new images in the videos lasts 5 or 6 seconds. I hope this help you. *

jakimc 2.04.09 - 07:28am
that the 1 thats the 1 the other new bits r hagrid carryin harry outta the forest, harry (i think) diggin dobbys grave o n the music made me fill up by itself :( i'll try n lk 4 the link n put it here :) *

jakimc 2.04.09 - 07:29am
im up 4 the road trip grin.GIF how bou u jenn? n skanda? us ladies will lk after u gigglez.GIF *

candyqty 3.04.09 - 12:49am
ahaha..nice jaki. btw,thx 4 spoiling the plot 4 me tsss haha *

skanda 3.04.09 - 04:50am
Eh.....forgive me, but wats a road trip? *

candyqty 3.04.09 - 04:06pm
skanda skanda..hv u never seen the mvie euro road trip? haha.bad exmple.its just u get in a car/bus/train n go with a group of friends just with like a backpack each,from state 2 state..u know visiting landmarks n such *

skanda 3.04.09 - 04:58pm
Oh,i didnt know tat its called road trip.i love road trips.i've travelled india far and wide and i've travelled UK and russia also...and i've seen euro trip also hehe...why dont you all come here to india and believe me you'll have the best time of your lives. *

janfer 3.04.09 - 09:17pm
Thats a real trip. The things that i like from india is the colors, their music is very spiritual and the people have the most beautifull eyes. The Tah majal is a place i want 2 see, cause is amazing. Never taste the food but i will soon. Have u bin in Tah Majal skanda? happy.GIF *

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